Classic 105 Saves Everyone a Lot

January 18, 2017
When Total Financial Group created the Classic 105 Reimbursement health insurance benefit package. They did so because their clients increasingly complained about the rising cost of health insurance, but they wanted to improve their company's benefit package in a way that had little or no impact on earnings. Classic 105 is as risk-averse as possible and it is available nationwide to all employers.

The Classic 105 program was created by experienced professionals using cutting edge technologies to create an employee benefits package that should make any company better. What makes Classic 105 such an innovative product is that it creates an arrangement whereby the company reimburses 75 percent of normally unreimbursed medical expenses for employees at the same time is reduces cost. One way they recommend is to encourage employers to provide a leaner level of insurance coverage, to save on premiums, while also providing medical savings accounts to pay most of the higher deductibles. This not only saves on premiums, but, the way it’s structured, there are also hefty tax savings.

There is quite possible nothing else on the market capable of providing employees with the benefit advantages of the Classic 105 plan, at the same time it reduces costs for the employer. This allows employers and to offer a truly first-class benefit package that saves employees money, which they will love, at the same time it makes executives and shareholders happy. Financial advisors and agents who truly cares about their clients should put Classic 105 into their lineup of product offerings. It’s a good fit for a great many businesses.

The Classic 105 Savings Advantage

October 16, 2016
Healthcare costs continue to rise, which means employers are always looking for ways to be able to offer employees the most robust benefits package possible at the lowest possible cost. To gain that advantage, they look closely at any innovation that satisfies both of those criteria. One of the most innovative products on the market is offered by Total Financial Group and it’s called “The Classic 105 Reimbursement” program.

Classic 105 reimburses most unreimbursed medical expenses for employees in a way that reduces or eliminates the burden on the company’s bottom line. By taking advantage of legal loopholes and tax advantages, they are able to protect everyone, from employees to partners and shareholders. The Classic 105 program is fully compliant with all applicable laws. Nothing else on the market offers employees as many benefits that the Classic 105 plan.

Classic 105 doesn’t just make it possible for employers to offer the best benefit package in the business, it actually reduces costs. It was developed by Total Financial Group, which has a long and consistent track record of helping clients make money, even as they offer top-notch benefits package. This makes employees feel more secure in their job while having no negative effect on earnings. It is as risk-averse as possible and it is available nationwide to all employers. Now, employers can offer a better benefits package and also keep their shareholders and partners happy.